Welcome to the world of Power Sports where excitement and adventure lay around every corner.

Power Sports have been a mainstay in American entertainment since the very first motorcycle produced in 1901. While not as fast as today’s powersport counterparts, the Motorcycle captured the imagination of the world with it’s unique design that no one had ever seen before.

Fast forward to 2014, the world of Power Sports is yet again experiencing a revolution in the form of the Polaris Slingshot – the world’s very first 3 wheeled motorcycle infused with the essence of an exotic luxury sports car.

The overwhelming demand for the Polaris Slingshot is being felt in every dealership across America, as prices continue to go up and up, and the availability of these amazing vehicles shrinks by the day. The Polaris Slingshot is quickly becoming a unicorn of the road.

After searching all over New Jersey to secure one short test drive – We knew that everyone needed a chance to enjoy the unique riding experience of the Polaris Slingshot.

New Jersey Slingshot Rental was born from the desire to put anyone behind the wheel of a Polaris Slingshot that wanted to enjoy it’s one-of-a-kind ride style without the incredible stress, hassle, and expense of the cost of ownership that it takes to acquire and maintain a three wheeled motorcycle.

Why Rent a Polaris Slingshot from NJ Slingshot Rental?


  • Location: Hamilton NJ is a perfect place to live located an hour away from everything, fully accessible via train – with New York City to the north, Philadelphia to the south, and the Jersey Shore to the east.
  • Safe: No more worrying about dropping a two wheeled rental. The Polaris Slingshot offers a great way to be seat belted in and enjoy a thrill packed ride down the Jersey Shore.
  • Family friendly: The seat-belt equipped passenger seat is positioned next to the driver for close comfort.
  • Ergonomic Ride: Blissfully Relaxing in a comfortable seated position will increase any trip satisfaction from a short event through an extended weekend.
  • Bragging Rights: Not everyone is going to be able to say that they’ve seen, been in, let alone drove the Slingshot. Your Facebook page will flood with likes and shares when you post pictures of yourself in this incredibly stylish exotic motorcycle.


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