Great news! New Jersey has now reclassified the Polaris Slingshot as an autocycle and you can now drive one with just your regular drivers license. No more motorcycle endorsment needed! RENT TODAY!  

Legalization of the Polaris slingshot in Texas and Connecticut July 4, 2015

The legalization of the Polaris slingshot motorcycles is questioned in some states because of simple technical issues. For a long time Texas had been one of the states that had a ban on these motorcycles. Just last year, the states motor vehicle laws did not allow the Polaris slingshot to be classified as car, nor a motorcycle. It couldn’t be a motorcycle because it had seats instead of a saddle and it lacked certain safety features needed to classify as…

Our slingshot will be featured in a product video April 30, 2015

stay tuned. Our Polaris slingshot will be featured in a product video for an amazing product. We are excited to be given the opportunity to help another NJ based company create a new product that will be available to all Polaris slingshot owners Here is a sneak peak!   

Nj Slingshot Rentals @2015

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