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Announcement: Top 10 Reasons why Motorcycle Enthusiasts should Rent the Slingshot

By on Mar 1, 2015 in NJ Slingshot News |

You’re no longer in a deep slumber–dreaming, when you see a 3-wheeled motorcycle. You’re not at a motorcycle showcase, where you are only able to see something you’d love to touch and test out. The Polaris Slingshot is new, amazingly crafted, and at an intersection near you! But why, why is everyone finding a way to add the Polaris Slingshot to his or her bucket list? What would influence a motorcycle enthusiast to rent a Slingshot? The answers vary, multiply, and will make you anxious to enjoy the ride. 1. Cockpit The traditional sidecar for the passenger on the motorcycle died out. The back seat just isn’t as appealing when compared to a side-by-side cockpit that features a media console. To add to the experience is the adjustable seat functionality and additional storage bins. The cockpit is entirely accommodating, and this is what people mean, when they say ” let’s go on a cruise”. There are 2 large storage compartments behind each seat that can hold a full size helmet making longer trips possible. 2. Style Half man/half amazing or half cruiser bike/half Pontiac Solstice. The style of the Slingshot makes for an exquisite presentation of luxury, power, and innovation. You will be the center of attention where ever you are. 3. Under the Hood You get the best powertrain in the 2.3L DOHC ECOTEC engine. Featuring 5-speed manual transmission, carbon fiber reinforced belt drive, and a short header exhaust. 172 horsepower is sure to push you into the seat. 4. Control A low center of gravity means better handle. Moreover, because of the vehicle’s triangular base it supports its balance. It can handle up to 1g around corners 5. Safety Traveling at such high speeds, safety becomes a concern. The Slingshot features a tight enclosed body, seat-belts, and windshield to protect both passengers from debris, while ensuring minimum damage in the event of a crash. 6. Fuel A 9.0 gallon fuel tank, still making the 3-wheeler a less expensive option of transportation. It presents the best of both worlds. The capacity of a car, and gas requirements similar to a motorbike 7. Law Many states treat the three-wheeler like a motorcycle and others like a car. If you...

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Legalization of the Polaris slingshot in Texas and Connecticut

By on Jul 4, 2015 in NJ Slingshot News |

The legalization of the Polaris slingshot motorcycles is questioned in some states because of simple technical issues. For a long time Texas had been one of the states that had a ban on these motorcycles. Just last year, the states motor vehicle laws did not allow the Polaris slingshot to be classified as car, nor a motorcycle. It couldn’t be a motorcycle because it had seats instead of a saddle and it lacked certain safety features needed to classify as a car. However, on May 22nd, 2015 Governor Greg Abbot signed a bill that officially classifies the Polaris Slingshot as an auto-cycle. An auto-cycle is subject to the same requirements as a motorcycle. This also means that helmet laws will be in effect for anyone operating a three wheeled motorcycle. A motorcycle license will be required to drive a Polaris Slingshot. Texas isn’t the only state that has recently signed a bill of this nature. On June 5th Governor Dannel Malloy signed a bill that would legalize the operation of a Polaris Slingshot motorcycle, in the state of Connecticut. Governor Malloy’s new bill will take effect on July 1st, 2015. The bill states that you must have motorcycle license and wear a helmet at all times. Connecticut was one of “the last men standing”, when it came to legalizing three wheelers. With Connecticut now agreeing to pass the bill, it’s only a matter of time before it is legal in every state. The reason for illegality is nothing more than specification issues...

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