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Renting a Polaris Slingshot in NJ February 17, 2015

So with the introduction of the Polaris Slingshot, it was only a matter of time until renting one became a reality.
Renting a Polaris Slingshot in NJ requires a few things.

1. Valid license with a motorcycle endorsement.
2. Purchasing individual insurance through where you rent it from. Its usually $15 per day.
3. A Helmet. Either bring your own or you could even rent one.

Perfect reasons to rent one.
-Try before you buy: there is nothing better then trying it out for a day or even a weekend before you make that purchase!
-Planning a jersey shore vacation? ride this bad boy up and down the shore line.
-Special occasion? take your significant other on a nice thrill packed ride.
-Want to escape from New york city or Philly? take the transit to the Hamilton station and we will deliver the polaris slingshot right to you!


NJ Slingshot Rentals

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